Licence-Free Radio

Cheap, cheerful and functional is the key when you are considering licence-free two way radios like the PMR446, LPD433, FRS and GMRS just to name a few. Don’t let the abbreviations confuse you and you definitely don’t need a degree in electronic engineering to operate these radios. The best part is they are LICENCE FREE so you don’t need to bother filling in an online form to Ofcom and give them your credit card details. Anyone of any age can use these radios on their allocated frequencies making them ideal to any family or business concerned about diversity and equality. Let’s look at a comparison of their advantages and disadvantages:


  • Low cost at £15 per pair (if you buy from my eBay shop)
  • Easy to use
  • Compact size and light weight
  • No licence required so the whole family can use them
  • Good for foreign trips if you don’t want to run high roaming phone bills (between two cars on a road trip or hotel rooms if a large family)
  • Great for outdoor activities where mobile phone signals are weak but all parties are within the range of the radios
  • Fun for the kids to explore parks and woods and they would love you for buying them the radios unless they’re teens and glued to their phone
  • Colourful and funky designs compared to the dull black radios you see security companies use


  • Relatively short range of 1 – 5 km and affected by buildings, trees, hills and other structural challenges
  • Battery life may not be as good as some of the commercial grade radios so you don’t always get to the end of the day with one charge
  • Unlikely to be waterproof, splash-proof or drop-proof so be careful
  • In congested areas such as holiday destinations you could find other families and businesses taking up all of the channels
  • Conversations are never private on radios but worse on licence free ones because of its availability

Hopefully you get the picture now of what you should do if you are thinking of getting some radios for your kids or for your small business. The benefits definitely outweigh the disadvantages.